[fw-wiz] QUERY: centralized firewall policy management across multiple vendors

Dear Firewall Experts,

Is there a firewall policy configuration management tool/appliance that can incorporate multiple firewall vendor rules management under one roof?

What I mean is, are there tools that have a generic syntax/language or GUI frontend that can represent for example cisco and juniper netscreen syntax/policy rule sets?

Example Trivial Scenario:
I have 2 firewalls back-to-back with a service running behind them both. Normally one would have to write a firewall rule for the cisco firewall using cisco syntax to permit that services port traffic and then write another equivalent rule on the juniper firewall.

I would like to investigate the generic policy syntax/GUI tool set whereby one (business/firewall) generic rule can be written (permit access to service X) and it *magically* writes rules for multiple vendor firewalls installed on the network.

Any pointers to existing technologies is greatly appreciated if any.

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