Re: [fw-wiz] Cisco Security Manager clone?

Have you looked into the SolarWinds products? I have used the Orion fault
and network performance management platform very successfully and had a full
copy of the Engineer's Toolset installed on a laptop that I used at multiple
facilities. The Orion product was very easy to setup and get functioning. It
is extremely scalable also. I initially setup the test Orion system manually
and found it very simple to do. It took about two days from opening the box
until operational monitoring about 30 nodes in a 500 node network. The most
time consuming problem was correcting the device configurations to support
the SNMP access which I finally 'scripted'. I just ha to manually connect
and fire off the script that logged me in (TACCAS+), shutdown any existing
SNMP, restarted SNMP with a 'standardized' config.

When I finally setup the operational Server I had the Toolset which made the
Orion Setup even faster. I used the toolset to 'map' the network and the
'dumped' the map directly into the Orion. This allowed me to complete the
initial setup in of half the nodes in a week. Again I had to 'reset' the
SNMP configs on most nodes. This was from box opening to 50% monitoring
including setting up the server OS.


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This is my first posting so be gentle ;-)

I have an environment that is all Cisco based firewalls for my edge
protection and site to site vpns. I have a little over 100 remote sites
running on ASA 5505's with an AES Tunnel to both the primary (HQ) and
secondary (DR ) sites. It is working quite nicely and has been for years
now but the problem I have is this. all my remote site firewalls are not
centrally managed in the sense that I can make one change in a console and
push it globally to all my remote firewalls so that when a change is
required, I have to log into each and every one (I use SSH) and make the

I know that Cisco Security Manager will allow me to do that but at the 100K
pricetag I was quoted from Cisco with the blink of an eye. I just cannot put
that into my budget.

Does anyone know of or can recommend any freeware or low-cost-ware
application that will allow me to monitor and make global config changes
without having to SSH to each one? The ability to segregate into groups and
manage based upon groups would certainly be a plus as well but not a

Thanks in advance!

Mike Davis

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