Re: [fw-wiz] 10Gb Firewalls

Thanks very much for your replies, its given me some useful information on devices.

>If you're looking at running a consolidated SAN between a number of
>"limited" systems you've merely shifted your risk from IP/network to
>disk/SAN. Who's to say you couldn't get someone trying to elevate >their level of access via the fiber-channel medium versus breaking >through the Ethernet layer?

How serious is this? I haven't heard of too many. This would then become an issue of the carrier security correct?

I assume then, that the encapsulation of a private channel through a backbone is brought into question? I really wouldn't think to put this kind of traffic through IPSec due to the overhead.

Other than that, I guess the theories for firewalling are the same whether it be 100Mb or 10Gb - the device just needs to handle it.


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