Re: [fw-wiz] Pix 501 and server time-outs

Check the interfaces for dropped packets. All of your connections are probably legitimate. Sounds like you have too much for the Memory if you have only 1MB left. The LED's are screaming HEEELLP! The firewall is getting lit up with so much traffic. I would not be surprised if the CPU is not pegged as well. a 501 is a branch office firewall. Add all the traffic going out the interface (i.e. how many 10MB/100MB connections you have) and measure the bandwidth you have available (i.e 1.544 T1). Try to measure your traffic before and after your email went in house. It may not be a question of hardware failure, just over use of the one you have.

Thank You,

Chris Myers

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On Apr 21, 2008, at 3:17 PM, Bill O'Connell wrote:

Hi everyone,

I'm having increasing problems with a cisco pix 501 firewall. File transfers are failing, especially on larger files. The problem seems to be happening as follows. HTTPS - worst - we can not get anything transferred except sometimes very small files. FTP - seems hit or miss with small to mid size (up to 50 mb) files. Sometimes I can get files larger files transferred, sometimes even the smallest files will give a timeout error. HTTP - this seems the most reliable, however, files over 100 mb seem to have problems.

This problem was very sporatic before - in fact I just thought it was random problems when it happened due to the fact that we were always able to get things on the second try.

Recently we brought our email in house, so we have more traffic through our pix.

All three file transfer protocols are using fixups.

And to further complicate matters (or help depending on how you look at it) Friday afternoon and Monday morning the firewall froze up needing an unplug to get things moving again. Both times all 4 leds for the network switch on the pix were flashing.

Right now I'm looking at purchasing a new firewall figuring there is some kind of harware problem.

Has anyone encountered these kind of problems before?
Does anyone know what the LEDs mean when flashing like that (I couldn't find it in the online docs)
Lastly, I ususally see less than 1 mb free on ram. Is that usual?

The logs don't seem to indicate any problem (hardware related?)

Thanks for any advise,

Bill O'Connell
Network Solutions Manager

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