Re: [fw-wiz] IPSEC VPN: Sidewinder >-< Nortel compatible?

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Yes, that's what I was thinking.  Should work, probably works, some pain expected.  Hope someone set this up before.

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No experience with these in particular. VPN's are no all created equal, but operate on the same principle. Since you have two diff boxes, then make sure you created the exact same Phase1 (IKE) Isakmp, blah, blah and Phase 2 SA IPSEC blah, blah (the blah, blah is for the particular devices lingo, hehe). and make sure that your timeouts and encryption domains (i.e. allowed networks/hosts) on each side are the same and you will be VPN  happy.

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On Apr 21, 2008, at 10:27 AM, Bill Stout wrote:

Has experience out there in creating an IPSEC VPN between a SCC Sidewinder and a Nortel VPN appliance?
Anyone know if they are compatible?
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