Re: [fw-wiz] Provocative Query: Are firewalls obsolete in a world involving enterprise WebService SOA

We definitely still need firewalls.

Yes, web services (J2EE) tunnel through HTTP, but I may have 30,000
hosts on my network. Without a firewall, how do I prevent them from
advertising services to the world, then poorly configuring those services?

And how does J2EE tunneling across HTTP have anything to do with the
above risk and the use of a firewall to mitigate it?

Joe Nall wrote:
On Mar 21, 2008, at 4:50 AM, william fitzgerald wrote:

Dear Firewall Experts,

Provocative Question:
Are firewalls obsolete in a world involving enterprise Webservice SOA?

What do I mane by the above question: given that Web Services (J2EE
so forth) tend to tunnel through http and https (eg. SOAP) what role
a traditional network firewall play? (other than simply permitting
access for all, therefore rendering the firewall as an extra cog
providing no input in the overall process)

I am asking this question not to be flamed but to provoke a discussion
as to why we still need firewalls.

Well there are 65534 other ports :)


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