Re: [fw-wiz] syslog and network management

On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 7:19 PM, <david@xxxxxxx> wrote:

if you end up doing much searching through your logs you can end up eating
a LOT more CPU then you imagine, especially as you correlate things and
end up searching for more related items at a time.

I've found that if you utilize, for instance, syslog-ng, you can split
up the log files based on whatever (device type, network, etc.).
Searching those smaller files is a lot less CPU intensive.

Further, if you're using an application such as (I think its
called) then you can have everything that comes in copied to a pipe
that sec reads. This can get hair though, YMMV. I've done it on a very
busy syslog server running AIX with no problems.
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