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On Wed, 20 Feb 2008, Darden, Patrick S. wrote:

3. Performance-wise, is there anything special needed? Not really.
It depends on the size of the network, number of devices, how much
detail you are recording, etc. What you describe is a good basis for
starting. Proably the three best things you could do would be: dual
core cpu (any decent ghz), a great NIC (or two, lots of udp bursts from
syslog), and lots of storage (you would want to keep at least 1 year in
local drive space).

if you end up doing much searching through your logs you can end up eating
a LOT more CPU then you imagine, especially as you correlate things and
end up searching for more related items at a time.

I've also found that it's faster to gzip the logs as you rotate them and
search through the compressed logs then to search through the same volume
of logs uncompressed.

what I do on my very busy servers is to put one high-rpm SCSI drive and
one (or more) large SATA drives in the box. I have syslog write to the
SCSI drive and then when I rotate the logs I save them to the slow, but
cheap SATA drive.

David Lang
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