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shadow floating said:
Hi list
i keep getting logs from my IOS router 12.4 T about denying udp packet
ip a.a.a.a (0) --> b.b.b.b (0)
i kept googling about udp port zero and it's apperantly not used , at
least legitimately. I also inspected the traffic from the logged ip
address via wireshark and it never captures and udp packet with src or
dst port 0, but i still get these logs all day long.
anyone got idea about what it? is it some kind like udp tracerouting ?
thanks alot

What you are seeing may just be an artifact.

Several jobs ago I maintained ACLs in a wide variety of IOS devices (7200
routers, CAT 6500 switches) and a number of different IOS levels. I
discovered on some of them that a permit/deny statement would log port 0
for both TCP and UDP unless the port number was specified.

Presumably right now you've got an ACE something like:

access-list 101 deny udp <src> <mask> <dest> <mask> log

Change it to:

access-list 101 deny udp <src> <mask> <dest> <mask> range 0 65535 log

and see if that makes any difference.


It's not having what you want.
It's wanting what you've got.

Scott L. Stursa
CCNA, MCSA, Security+
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