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I believe this is a feature of IOS. If it denies packets before checking
port numbers, they are logged as port 0. E.g., if your access list denies
UDP in general, IOS doesn't have to check the port number for a decision
whether to block or accept the packet.

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[fw-wiz] udp port 0 (Plain)
04.02.2008 18:00

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Hi list
i keep getting logs from my IOS router 12.4 T about denying udp packet
ip a.a.a.a (0) --> b.b.b.b (0)
i kept googling about udp port zero and it's apperantly not used , at
least legitimately. I also inspected the traffic from the logged ip
address via wireshark and it never captures and udp packet with src or
dst port 0, but i still get these logs all day long.
anyone got idea about what it? is it some kind like udp tracerouting ?
thanks alot

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