Re: [fw-wiz] Anyone have any informed opinions on the watchguard product line?

Disclosure: I was a tech advisor to WGRD for 6+ years. Instead of offering an opinion, I'll offer a resource. I wrote monthly technical articles about firewall-related matters and many are WGRD specific while others are general. My partner, Lisa Phifer, also wrote a number of articles for WGRD as well. WGRD granted us permission to publish these at our web site and you are welcome to visit and read them at:

BTW, there's no pay per click or other revenue when you land here:-)

Since Paul mentioned WGRD's HTTP proxy, you may be particularly interested in the series I wrote about ways you can use this proxy.

Paul D. Robertson wrote:
On Tue, 18 Dec 2007, AMuse wrote:

Does anyone have an informed opinion on whether these products are any good, that I can pass along to my friend?

They work well enough, VPN setup is a little weird if you're doing site-to-site (at least I ended up dropping back and punting to OpenVPN at one customer.)

The nice thing is that the HTTP proxy does MIME type filtering, which stops a lot of junk if you don't open it up wide.

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