Re: [fw-wiz] Anyone have any informed opinions on the watchguardproduct line?

On Mon, 31 Dec 2007, Scott Pinzon wrote:

Depending on which WatchGuard product you're considering, you might be
able to catch a glimpse of how the UI works by searching for our videos
on YouTube and Google Video. A couple of our Firebox X Edge videos have

Personally, I'm finding the Windows-only GUI more and more of a problem.
Suddenly, if I want to make rule changes, I've got to boot up Parallels
and XP- normally that takes getting out an external drive and closing
other apps I'm working on to free up enough memory on my MacBook. Is
there any chance we'll see either a cross-plaform, command-line or
Web-based GUI any time soon?


Paul D. Robertson "My statements in this message are personal opinions
paul@xxxxxxxxxxxx which may have no basis whatsoever in fact."

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