Re: [fw-wiz] OpenBSD pf users?

Hi all,

Thanks for all the feedback, it's much appreciated!

To Robby: yes, we do have *nix wizards (and luckily more than one, so
leaving is not that much of an issue). We are running OpenVPN for some time
now (we're cutting the SecureClient users off before the end of the year,
because OpenVPN is much more flexible). We're also experienced in setting up
monitoring with mrtg, cacti, etc. In summary, I think we can do most of the
stuff you say with our eyes closed. ;-)

Regarding SmartDefense and content inspection: this is indeed something we
would lose in our transition to pf. But nothing prevents us from adding
application proxies, of course.

To Matthew: our PPS and throughput requirements are relatively moderate,
mostly since our outside line is rather limited (8 Mbps). As far as we have
seen from pf documentation and fora, the performance is way beyond our
needs. Thanks for the links to the pf fora.

To Paul: it's good to hear that we're not the only ones doing the transition
from CP FW-1 to pf! ;-)

Thanks again,


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