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Yes, PIX/ASA has a different OS tham IOS. That's on purpose. Lots of folks have policies which require that their security is different from their infrastructure. Of course, we also offer the IOS Firewall, which is another Enterprise-Class firewall with full routing functionality.

The biggest advantage with these solutions, based on thousands of interviews with customers, is how fully they integrate with the network. The ability to collect and share information with the network, detect and respond to events across the entire network, and dynamically adjust the security of virtually every device in the network, globally, based on real time event information is something no other solution can even pretend to approach. Integration, adaptability, and collaboration with the network is why the Cisco firewall solutions are bought by more organizations than the next several competitors combined.

Bill McGee
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On Mon, 19 Nov 2007, ArkanoiD wrote:

Which always made me wonder: Pix have almost nothing common with IOS
routers except Cisco label on it. For ASA, things chaged a bit, but the
"firewall" part of the device is still the same.

Sure, it has plenty of things in common:

It's a network device, just like the routers are.
It's sold to the same people.
It's sold by the same people.

My pictures have nothing to do with IT or INFOSEC, but I make most of my
sales to the same customers. Most of that is the sales opportunity- the
last two on my list- but I'd like to think at least part of it is that
they know the level of quality they'll get from me in anything I sell

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