Re: [fw-wiz] Blocking we browsing completely and allowing only Skype out to the Internet

I had the same scenerio. The client wanted everything to go out the VPN
to a HTTP proxy, but then have Skype traffic be NAT'ed and go out the
local WAN. If Skype uses or can use static ports allow them
outbound/inbound and block evrything else. If you can't maybe block port
80 outbound, and common services.

I was doing this with a Cisco router + VPN

Let me know your scenerio

Chris Serafin
Security Engineer

Siju George wrote:

Is anybody doing Something like this on any of their firewalls?

i.e blocking all web browsing and at the same time allowing only skype
to the outside world?

Could you please let me know how you do that?

Thank you so much

Kind Regards

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