Re: [fw-wiz] Allowing Internet Access to MS Project Server

So, I think you are saying you have this:

| |
firewall secure proxy server (https)
internal network---------------------------------
ms project server

So, if the only way to access the ms project server from the internet is thru the proxy server, then you should be golden.


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A IT project Managers would like to install MS Project 2007 server and
make that the central repository for all our IT related projects. Since
we have significant numbers of out sourced contractors, the team would
like external access enabled. Also to keep costs low they would like the
server to have a Internet presence. Our server support team would like
the server(s) to be part of our internal AD domain.

We have OWA exposed to the Internet, but through a secure proxy.

What would should be some key security areas.

Duncan Sharp
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