Re: [fw-wiz] VPN suggestions wanted

On Sat, 2007-09-15 at 03:22 -0400, tandernam wrote:
I'm doing some work with a small company (about a dozen employees)
that needs to make their remote access more reliable. I'm looking to
set up a (new) VPN for them (the old one is a hack job). I'm looking
for suggestions on a solution, something fairly simple to set up that
I can just plug between their intranet and the interweb. Reliability
is key. I'm mostly looking for a hardware solutions (just because I
think it would be easier to set up and more reliable), but I'd be very
interested to hear from anyone who is running a good small-scale
(please don't start talking about radius servers...) software gateway.
They're currently running NAT off their soho modem/router on a DSL.
Suggestions and recommendations would be most appreciated.

I've had great luck with OpenVPN on small-scale projects.

@@ron Smith
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