[fw-wiz] L2TP & Split Tunnel -

This is more of a conversation, looking for input on
some issues that have come up while trying to get L2TP
IPSEC in place.

The PIX in question (Pix 515 ver 6.3) has been running
a VPN in tunnel mode that allowed cisco VPN clients to
connect. However, a change in the network layout has
the PIX outside interface IP address change to a
private address. A Load balancer now sits infront of
the PIX. From my reading, i had to change my VPN from
tunnel to transport mode. Since the VPN call would be
made to the Load balancer interface, which would then
NAT to the Outside PIX interface. This NAT process
would break IPSEC Transport, and tunnel is what i went
with. In so far could someone please tell me if this
decision was correct? As the direction i took led me
to the next question:

L2TP Transport mode is what i have now deployed in my
test environment. Works fine. Except for Split
tunneling. L2TP does not support split tunneling. This
is what i have read so far and i could be wrong. But
so far it does not suport split tunneling. I thus have
2 questions as regards split tunneling:
What are the thoughts on split tunneling and the
dangers it poses to a network when enabled, And are
there any work arounds to allowing clients connected
to the VPN via L2TP access to the Internet?
many thanks for your time.

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