Re: [fw-wiz] Managing multiple Cisco Pix's

Then why not do LAN failover? That's a pretty well documented feature
of PIX OS 7 and up.

James Burns wrote:
Sorry, to clarify:

We will have two firewalls at either side of our campus serving the
same internal network, but with different /external/ addresses - this
is necessary because of the way that our provider has arranged things.

Each runs OSPF. Both units are, in effect, active - but no traffic
will be passed via the "backup" until the primary goes down, because
of the way that the routing is configured.

Cisco allows for active/active failover between Pix units, but ONLY if
they are running multiple security contexts, and we do not do this,
nor need to. What we're looking for is an elegant and preferably
inexpensive way of keeping the ruleset up-to-date on both boxes
without the need to manually edit on both every time a rule is

Hope this makes things clearer!


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