Re: [fw-wiz] Managing multiple Cisco Pix's

If you're comfortable with the command interface and manually editing
configs (as opposed to using PDM from a web browser), then I would recommend
Kiwi CatTools* for managing configurations.



this looks interesting, is there something similar that doesn't require a
windows PC?

If you are nix inclined the best console you can use (IMHO) is KDE's Konsole.
It has a tabbed interface but the kicker is you can open 1 tab to one device
1 tab to another and select "send input to all" so anything you type
in 1 tab is also
sent in the second.

You can get it working on cygwin if you have to and the KDE guys were
supposed to be
doing a native port to windows but it seems to have stagnated.

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