Re: [fw-wiz] IPv6 support in firewalls

Sure this applies to "receiving documents from outside" case only,
not for internal document flow. BTW, back to the firewalls: are there
any reasonable "whitelists" of sites that use JS, really do need it to
work properly and known to behave well? Looks like every organization
deploying scripting languages control on the firewall creates one
from the scratch, which may be quite long process. I guess there
should be some "annotated template"?

On Wed, Aug 29, 2007 at 12:29:26PM -0400, Paul D. Robertson wrote:

Yes. Most people need Google Documents and Ajax. Actually using Google Documents
is safer than installing local "Office" pack.

That depends heavily on your trust model, document propagation risk and
how valuable the documents themselves are. I'd like to see your strategy
for document protection and recovery from Google Docs for a just-laid-off
employee. I'd like to see you stop them from "sharing" a copy of the
document with themselves at home... While it's not easy to do, you *can*
build an environment where a local office package keeps the documents in a
reasonably controlled environment where employees can't e-mail them
directly, dump them to removable media, etc.

Put the documents on a Web site accessible from anywhere on the planet
with reusable credentials and you pretty-much kill the idea of document
control at all, let alone keeping the honest people honest or a credential
exposure from providing the whole farm instead of just a pig.

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