Re: [fw-wiz] IPv6 support in firewalls

On Mon, 27 Aug 2007, Behm, Jeffrey L. wrote:

Then the game is already lost, on the home computing front,
and the implication of this thread is that there will be even
more devices at home connected to the Internet in the future
("PC, mobile phone, fridge, coffee machine"). Not a pretty

Yes, and *anyone* who's done any sampling of home PCs recently will
understand that. I can't remember the last time I saw a clean MS-based
home system.

At least with a NAT device (at this point in Internet history),
the home-user has a better chance of remaining "un-hacked"
than they would if they hooked their PC directly up to the
Internet w/o such a device.

Can you substantiate that? Because the vectors I'm seeing on home PCs
aren't traditional network worm vectors, they're Web and E-mail-based
malcode that gets in regardless of any NAT. All the network stuff I'm
seeing is connecting out (IRC, HTTP.)

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