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Any 6.x version of code will not allow a connection attempt from a
lower-security interface (outside in this case) directly to a
higher-security interface (inside).

7.0 you can configure a firewall in such a way.
However, the 501 cannot/will not run the 7.0 codebase (memory capacity

What you would be forced to do is static into a SSH "proxy" on the
inside and then connect back to the firewall or enable some other form
of "OS console" and then instantiate your SSH session to the firewall.

Not many options for remote management of OS6.x boxes but you can do it.


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Have just been given a couple of 501's to setup at work. Basic
configuration has been performed, and that is working fine. The question
I have is whether there is anyway to setup 100+ statics, one to one,
port mappings using object groups ? My IP setup is as follows :-

outside -> inside -> host -> ->

I have a application that uses 30 ports, plus X11, plus remove support
via PCanywhere. I have created the ACLs using object groups, but I
don't really fancy setting up individual TCP/UDP static entries.

If I use something like :-

static (inside,outside) interface netmask 0 0

Then the outside interface SSH server will not work as all traffic gets
mapped through too the inside interface :( Obviously we need to support
via the outside interface, so is there anyway around it ?

Could I put the SSH on the inside interface and then do something like

static (inside,outside) interface 2222 22 netmask 0 0

so that we just have to connect too port 2222 instead and that will map
it through so we can administer the PIX ?

I see on our IOS that we can use access-list on the static mapping, is
this a potential use ?

Hope my explanation makes sense ?


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