Re: [fw-wiz] Check Point NG FP3 HF2 on Solaris 5.8

Hi there.

Thanks so much for your help. No...everything is (well was) in place.
Something got corrupted.

What I did was take an export (use upgrade_export) reinstall Solaris 5.8 and
import the Check Point configuration back.

Everything is working fine now.

Once again thank you.

On 8/22/07, Behm, Jeffrey L. <BehmJL@xxxxxx> wrote:

To the OP: Did you happen to (oops!) put in a rule that stops the
management server from talking to the managed firewall? (or accidentally
take out one that allows it?)

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Disclaimer: sorry for the top post, I'm stuck in OWA right now...

FWD won't help with the policy install. In NG, FWM on the manager talks to
CPD on the firewall. FWD was only used pre-NG for policy installs. Debug
those two process to find out what's happening. You might also try:

fw fetch <manager>

and see if that tells you anything useful.


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On 7/20/07, Robert Fenech <robertfenech@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I am encountering a problem when it comes to install a policy on an NG
HF2 firewall running on an old Solaris 5.8 machine.

Primarily when the policy is about to be installed I get the message
"Failed to install policy. Please make sure that Firewall-1 services

Try a cprestart or cpstop/cpstart on the fw module ( be aware of the
on your traffic/remote mgmt of the fw!).
And then try to push the policy again a few times.

If this doesn't solve the problem try to debug cpd and fwd (check CP
knowledgebase or post a reply).


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