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Have just been given a couple of 501's to setup at work. Basic configuration has been performed, and that is working fine. The question I have is whether there is anyway to setup 100+ statics, one to one, port mappings using object groups ? My IP setup is as follows :-

outside -> inside -> host -> ->

I have a application that uses 30 ports, plus X11, plus remove support via PCanywhere. I have created the ACLs using object groups, but I don't really fancy setting up individual TCP/UDP static entries.

If I use something like :-

static (inside,outside) interface netmask 0 0

Then the outside interface SSH server will not work as all traffic gets mapped through too the inside interface :( Obviously we need to support via the outside interface, so is there anyway around it ?

Could I put the SSH on the inside interface and then do something like :-

static (inside,outside) interface 2222 22 netmask 0 0

so that we just have to connect too port 2222 instead and that will map it through so we can administer the PIX ?

I see on our IOS that we can use access-list on the static mapping, is this a potential use ?

Hope my explanation makes sense ?


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