[fw-wiz] Check Point NG FP3 HF2 on Solaris 5.8


I am encountering a problem when it comes to install a policy on an NG FP3
HF2 firewall running on an old Solaris 5.8 machine.

Primarily when the policy is about to be installed I get the message "Failed
to install policy. Please make sure that Firewall-1 services are

I traced the processes as follows:

Parent Process ID | Process ID | Process

1 20318 cpwd
20318 20329 cpd
20318 20485 rtmd
20318 20362 fwd
20318 20450 fgd50
20364 20386 cpstat_monitor

I tried to respawn each process to try and figure out which one was more
likely related to this policy installation issue.

Respawning cpd does sort out the problem (not for long though) in the sense
that the policy gets installed, however a second policy install fails with
the same error message.

Has anybody encountered this problem before?

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