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Total nonsense! If you have 100 or so users at WORK of all places using
bittorrent to produce greater then 320 connections apeice, there is no
work getting done.

The original poster said small company, nothing about a college or .edu.

Folks need to read, breathe, re-read, then choose not to post nonsense.


Ron DuFresne

On Wed, 27 Jun 2007, Pollock, Joseph wrote:

I want to second this comment. With p2p software running on clients in
our dorms, I've seen 3500+ connections from individual computers. And
the social networking sites are almost as bad, loading data from dozens
or hundreds of sites on a single page. I just saw a report that some of
them generate several hundred DNS queries from a single page load. We
have the data flow restricted, but the connections still get

If you're a business site, though, you likely have more control over the
local desktop.

Joe Pollock
Network Services

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it depends very much what the traffic pattern for those users is.
it's not that hard to generate 32k connections with 100 pcs :)

Right, especially if you have dorms full of college students running

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