Re: [fw-wiz] Getting OSPF to work on a CISCO ASA 5550

This is a 5550: no expansion module to start with: two chassis quads.

We got a solution over the weekend, basically ignore everything Cisco says
in the docs, and three simple lines of code at the command line, rather than
ASDMing it. I'm not the guy who came up with the solution, but I'm
implementing it on all our ASA 5550's. . .

Will check, should be publishable, but have to make sure (classified system)

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Keith are you using Transparent mode here?

If so, make sure the two interfaces you use for transparent mode are from
the built-in chassis and not from the expansion module.

Try setting p2p non-broadcast OSPF type for troubleshooting purposes
(sending unicast msgs instead of multicast)



On 6/22/07, Keith A. Glass <salgak@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We've been trying, but have had little luck: ADSM config of 2 connecting
OSPF routers, but when we "show ospf nei". . .nothing.

Looking on the switch, OSPF appears to be down. . .

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