Re: [fw-wiz] Best way to block incoming connections from open httpproxy servers?

Trying to enumerate the bad IP addresses with open proxies is a loosing
battle. I have school kids setting up their own https anonymous proxies to
get past the school's filtering system. And they are on a DHCP address with
dynamicDNS which they reset every night so it's different the next day when
they go to school.
Way too much maintenance for me.
Their may be some comprehensive lists of proxies out there, but none that I
find very well-maintained.

Are you trying to prevent external users from anonymizing themselves when
they hit your site?
You might be able to do it with a reverse proxy of some sort that looks at
various characteristics of the request headers and have rules to restrict if
there are X-Proxy-Via: or are missing a standard User-Agent: headers.

Explain why you are trying to block them and we might have some other ideas.


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Hi All.

What's the recommended way to maintain a list of public, open http proxies
and block them from making inbound connections to an http server with

I have linblock which I use for a few other
lists. Is there a regularly updated list out there for open http proxies
that can be used for this purpose?

I'm hoping I can retrieve a text file with the IP's every day with a cron
job and let linblock update an IPTables chain. Perhaps there's a better


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