Re: [fw-wiz] PIX - acl breaks implicit outbound rule

On 5/22/07, Richard Shaw <richard@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi There,

I'm trying to get successful two way communication over a selected port
range between 2 hosts on different interfaces.

Interface 1 (100) ------------ Interface 2 (90)

host1 ( ------------ host2 (

I've already put in a static route so host1 can get down to host2, however I
need host2 to be able to open a connection back through on selected ports.

If they are "directly connected" subnets you won't need a static route.

I've been able to get it semi-working by applying the following:

static (Interface1,Interface2) netmask

Depending on version of pix code >= 7.0 you can remove the need to nat
everything/anything by typing no nat-control. (about time cisco)

access-list Interface2toInterface1 extended permit udp host host eq port-range
access-group Interface2toInterface1 in interface Interface2

However, it replaces the implicit outbound rule for Interface2 and breaks
all other outbound traffic on the interface. My question is, what can I
append to the above access group to put the outbound rule back in?

Because int2 < int1 (security level) you need an acl to permit any access.
I don't think there is an implicit rule from low sec to hi sec.

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