Re: [fw-wiz] HIPS experience

On 5/19/07, stursa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
As I said, the management software is a component of CiscoWorks. It didn't
start out that way. The product was developed by Okeena, who were bought
out by Cisco. The management piece was stand-alone and cost about $3k.
Cisco dropped that and bundled it into CiscoWorks, which costs about $10k.

You will be happy to know that CSA no longer depends on CiscoWorks :-)

As for CSA, yes, it offers great protection. I ran it on all my own
Windows workstations. However, given the cost of client licenses,
CiscoWorks, and the time required to administer it, I don't see it as a
solution for a small business, or even many medium sized ones.

Again, no CiscoWorks, but CSA is still an enterprise product and is
priced as such. For the security it buys the purchaser, and from your
experience as you stated, the pricing is fair. Since CSA is one of
the only products that stops 0-day, the purchaser must ask themselves
what the cost is for cleaning up after being hit by an attack as such.
But as always, there are many security products available, so decide
which one fits yours needs and price point...
Kristian Hermansen
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