Re: [fw-wiz] HIPS experience

On 5/18/07, Paul Melson <pmelson@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Were you planning to disclose to everyone that you're a Cisco
employee? Or are you intentionally being a shill?

I apologize for not emailing from my Cisco account. I subscribe to
the mailing list via my Gmail. No intention of shilling, sorry. I am
not a Cisco sales guy at all. I just think it is a great product and
highly recommend it to people I meet. You have the power to decide
for yourself, so I encourage you to investigate CSA and other HIPS

If I ever travel back in time to 2003, remind me to install CSA on my
laptop before I go. :-)

CSA stopped the ANI exploit, MS07-017, on 0-day. Feel free to travel
back in time, but there are plenty of current and future
vulnerabilities :-) Try your own private 0-day on CSA if you like,
and you will be pleasantly surprised. Here is a detailed writeup and
screenshot showing CSA protecting against the ANI exploit...
Kristian Hermansen
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