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Are you able to access anything when you establish the VPN tunnel? How are you trying to access? (ping, email client?) Also, when you connect, is your connecting workstation directly connected to a public network, or are you behind a device performing NAT (like a home firewall)?

Can you post snippets of the configuration? (group-policy block, and any line beginning with the word crypto).


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I have a Cisco ASA 5510 with an External, Internal, and DMZ
interfaces. I have a mail server in the DMZ and I have configured
the ASA so that I can get to it internally an externally, however,
when I log in using the IPSEC VPN I cannot connect.

The internal address range is
The dmz address range is
The VPM pool range is

I have mappings internally to so that any 192.168.100 host can
connect to the mail server at, but the VPN access
issue has me flummoxed.

Cisco has examples of VPN or DMZ, bit nothing with info on both.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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