Re: [fw-wiz] PIX 515E 7.2 Duplex problem

What vintage is the PIX?

Some of the older PIX boxes only had Ethernet interfaces and not Fast
Ethernet. It sounds like you may have one of the older boxes.

In the config is the interface referred to as E0 or FE0?

To confirm do a show tech and look at the hardware section to see if the
Ethernet interface is listed as simply Ethernet or Fast Ethernet.


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Subject: [fw-wiz] PIX 515E 7.2 Duplex problem

The interface on the PIX shuts down when duplex is changed from auto to
full. The switch it connects to is configured for full duplex but the PIX
still shows half duplex when in auto negotiate mode. Changing to half
duplex on both the switch and PIX works but the PIX interface goes down when
it's changed to full duplex. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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