[fw-wiz] LayerOne 2007 - Speaker Line up Announced

LayerOne 2007 – Line up Announcement

With less than a month remaining for this year's LayerOne event, we
are happy to announce the final line up of presenters as well as the
schedule of events. This year's event features several returning
speakers as well as many new ones.

Two Defcon organizers, Zac Franken and Adam Laurie, will be presenting
this year. Adam will be talking about RFID and the security issues
that go along with it. If you have never seen Adam speak before, it is
quite an experience. Zac will be discussing how most hardware based
access control systems are flawed and will demonstrate a vendor
agnostic attack that can be done using some simple code and about 5
dollars worth of parts.

Returning speakers include Datagram, and Rodney Thayer. Datagram is a
prominent member of the local SoCal computer community and spoke on
lock picking at last years event. This year Datagram will be
discussing the basics of writing shellcode. Rodney Thayer is a member
of The Shmoo Group and has been an active member of the security
community for many years. Rodney will be talking about VoIP and the
vulnerabilities that go along with it. Rodney is a terrific speaker
and his presentation will definitely be a high point for this years

New for this year are presenters speaking on a wide variety of topics:

Rooster – Evolutionary Algorithms and Possible Applications in Security
Michael Weiss – Security Engineering in Windows Vista
Alexander Muentz – Lawyers or Skript Kiddies, Which is Worse?
Luiz Eduardo – Online (and offline) Banking Fraud
Ganesh Devarajan – SCADA Protocol Fuzzing
Michael Kemp – Responsible Disclosure
John Benson, J.D. – Bridging the Gap Between Technology and the Law
John Heasman – BIOS Rootkit Techniques

The presentations were selected not only for their content, but
specifically to provide a wide range of material to conference
attendees. Those that want 'deep geek' information can get it, while
those interested in more esoteric ideas can find information they want
as well.

Pre-Registration for the conference is 80 dollars. Tickets will be
available at the door, but the cost will be 100 dollars. For more
information, please visit our site: http://layerone.info

We look forward to seeing you in Pasadena, CA this May!
-The LayerOne Staff
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