Re: [fw-wiz] OT? New compromise.

On Wed, 28 Mar 2007, Jim Seymour wrote:

It's not me doing the digging. My only involvement was passing-along
something I'd seen on another mailing list to which I belong. The
information looked sufficiently intriguing that I thought the
firewall-wizards membership might likewise find it interesting, and may
even have additional information.

It was, but I'd like to note that I'm allowing more liberal postings in
this thread than usual because some folks who aren't Jim might learn some
things, and I find the back and forth at least a little entertaining ;)

Apparently this isn't ringing any bells for anybody here. So either
it's nothing at all or it really is something brand new that's just
being discovered.

The other possibility is that it's a relatively localized issue.

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