Re: [fw-wiz] OT? New compromise.

I guess what I was alluding to was that the two ports are KNOWN to be
used by two applications that are often targeted. MSN IM is a known
vector of being attacked as well as mounting an attack.

It didn't seem to me the OP was aware that that's what commonly used
those ports. For me, I would start looking at how many of the "virusey"
workstations were running IM clients (by default, on purpose, or
un-beknownst to the end-user), and go from there...that may quicken the
revealing of a rootkit or other malware. Likewise, start looking at
default junk that sets to start when the OS starts in the registry.

Fedora 4 loads more stuff than you think with the default
install...likewise, unless you specifically disallow it, there's all
kinds of crap that is turned on by of them being root
being able to login directly over an SSH session. So, not really
puzzling to me why a Fedora box would be showing signs of being
compromised as well. I've seen it happen the same percentage as Windows

Stian Øvrevåge wrote:

On 3/28/07, J. Oquendo <sil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

St John, Richard wrote:

Once you determine there might be an issue, I think there used to be a
program called openports which would run on the machine and relate any
LISTENING or ESTABLISHED ports to the actual file that has the port
open. This would then give you the service/process/program waiting for
traffic on that port.

On Windows
/c:\netstat -an |find /i "listening"/

Why download when you can use existing tools...

Ever heard of rootkits?

And I also think that even if port so and so is listed as belonging to
this and that innocent application is fairly irrelevant. I know for
sure if I wrote a virus/worm (if that's what it is) like this I'd pick
ports that would blend in. From what I understand a large anomaly is
what made Jim do some digging, statistics is a wonderful thing, and
I'm pretty certain that statistic anomalies like this is not
coincidental. The anomaly itself need not be caused by any party that
means harm. But the other signs (though vague) of foul play indicates,
imho, that it might well be.

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