Re: [fw-wiz] OT? New compromise.

Stian Øvrevåge wrote:

On Windows
/c:\netstat -an |find /i "listening"/

Why download when you can use existing tools...

Ever heard of rootkits?

No I haven't can I buy this somewhere? I don't use Windows but if I
were looking for something open why would I further taint a machine
if there may be the possibility I would have to hand it off for
evidence. For that matter, keep it unplugged and do nothing...

Sysinternals (before MS rolled over them) had some neat tools one
of which provided the admin with the name of the program running
that had said ports opened along with the DLL file information, etc.
I'm sure older Forensics disks (F.I.R.E, Snarl) etc., have the tool
on them.

And I also think that even if port so and so is listed as belonging to
this and that innocent application is fairly irrelevant. I know for
sure if I wrote a virus/worm (if that's what it is) like this I'd pick
ports that would blend in.
That would be the correct way (blend in under ports), however, many
malware, virus, scumware, whatever_you_name_it_ware that I've seen have
not been so "low key" by using actual names. Instead opting for using
misspelled variations: SVCH0ST.exe LSAS.exe, not to say someone hasn't
clued themselves in... W/e though...

> From what I understand a large anomaly is
what made Jim do some digging, statistics is a wonderful thing, and
I'm pretty certain that statistic anomalies like this is not
coincidental. The anomaly itself need not be caused by any party that
means harm. But the other signs (though vague) of foul play indicates,
imho, that it might well be.

Personally... This is what network analyzers are for. I would have segmented
this machine off to see exactly what it was doing on my network first. Seen
where it was connecting do, then dug into the machine with a forensic disk
if it was under my control (non ISP based user).

J. Oquendo
sil . infiltrated @ net

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