Re: [fw-wiz] Does dns proxy on NetScreen 5xx support reverse dns lookups

On 3/15/07, Jacob, Raymond A Jr <raymond.jacob@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
I installed a Netscreen running 5.x. I configured the workstations to use
the Netscreen IP address as the DNS server.
When I use fqdn, I can resolve. When I use ip -addresses no records are
In order to get dns working I configured a policy to reach the DNS servers
Question: Does the netscreen dns proxy support reverse dns lookups? Is there
a special setting
I need to set?

The NetScreen DNS "proxy" is really only there to handle split-dns
routing for VPNs. One thing to test is to use nslookup to verify that
the DNS servers you have specified with 'dns host' in your config will
return PTR lookups. It may not be a problem with the firewall at all.

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