[fw-wiz] Fragmentation over VPN

Hi everyone,

First time poster here (as if anyone cared <g>).

I have this scenario:

Three offices need to connect via IPSec (L2L) and each also runs EZVPN
server for clients to connect to.

There is a 506E, and ASA5510 and an ISR 1801W. The configuration for the
506E and ASA5510 were easy enough and everything is working fine. On the
1801 is a different story. I get the SA's done with no problems, but then no
other traffic flows through and I suspect this has to do with fragmentation.

On the outside interface (Dialer1), I have "mtu 1492" and on the inside
(VLAN1) I have "ip tcp adjust-mss 1452". Everyone behind the device can
browse the internet without any problems (yes, PAT).

Can some kind soul please provide some ideas on how to get around it?

Much appreciated.


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