[fw-wiz] Fwd: Extreme Networks

Since I was asked off-list to share, I'll share with the list. And
hopefully, if anyone here knows of an issue with this, they'll let me
know. Our testing showed it to be good - and the old one probably
worked though we weren't convinced (we were pinging, Extreme
apparently only blocks ICMP when specifically referenced).

#create access-mask allow_mask dest-ip /32 ports
#create access-list allow_list allow_mask dest-ip /32 port
1 permit prec 100
#create access-mask allow_mngmt_mask dest-ip /32 ports
#create access-list allow_mngmt_list allow_mngmt_mask dest-ip
<epicenter IP> /32 port 1 permit prec 101
#create access-mask deny_mask ports
#create access-lsit deny_list deny_mask port 1 deny prec 102
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