[fw-wiz] PIX 520 webtraffic very slow

Hi All,
I have very unusual problem and been trying for the last two days but no luck, hopefully someone here can help me.
I need to access a host on the internet which is hosting mail server and website. In PIX I configured ?access-list inside permit tcp any host eq www? and on the router I have ?ip route (254 is my PIX inside interface).
Setup1, Email and website worked except that each webpage takes anywhere from 40-60 seconds to load, worst than the dialup internet connection. I made sure nothing wrong with website by accessing it from the same desktop by routing the traffic via proxy server.
Setup 2, I removed the ip route statement on router and applied using route-map, router ACL access-list 101 permit tcp any host eq www. Same result, email application works perfectly fine, but not the website.
Setup3, Configured the host directly on the desktop and PIX inside interface as the gateway, route ADD MASK, but yet again same result.
But I have another subnet on the same router working perfectly fine using setup 2 and another interface on the PIX. But all traffic goes out in one internet connection.
I couldn?t find any resources on Cisco website, any help to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.
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