Re: [fw-wiz] identd, revisited

Here is a good identd which you can run out of inetd or xinetd.

Call it /usr/sbin/ident or whatever you want and have it run out
of the appropriate inetd.conf or xinetd configuration file. In many
cases most remove service checking in with an identd/auth server
won't even match up the socket pair with the port #s return so that
you could eliminate the read and just return '0, 0' but some services
might check. Change 'root' to whatever userid you want to return...

read a b
echo $a $b ': USERID : UNIX :root'

- H. Morrow Long, CISSP, CISM, CEH
University Information Security Officer
Director -- Information Security Office
Yale University, ITS

ArkanoiD <ark@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


But what's really wrong with identd?

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