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On Thu, 18 Jan 2007, Dave Piscitello wrote:


How many companies still use IDS?

Depends on your use of the word "use" - lots still have IDS and IPS connected
to networks. I suspect fewer meaningfully improve their security profile
because they have dummied them down, or don't use what they monitor. I'm
among the "A properly configured and administered firewall is often as good
or better than IDS because it *is* IPS" radicals.

Actually a minor correction or perception here, most implementations of
IDS systems have traditionally been of no real benefit to an organizations
security posture, since the vast majority were and remain placed in a poor
place or position of the security environment to serve any real or
significant purpose, since the vast majority of these were positioned in
front of the firewall on the outside of the perimeter of the network.
Their main purpose being to enhance budgets and head counts.



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