[fw-wiz] How should an Internet connection/firewall be designed?

We have always had a firewall on our Internet connection. We went from
home grown, to fwtk (Thanks Marcus) and then a commercial system with
snort IDS outside, on the DMZ and inside the firewall. We have always
had very tight access controls. Few ports open to our DMZ, even fewer
to our internal network that require one-time-passwords and restricted
access to the Internet that must be approved by security. Now we have
been told to upgrade/modify our Internet connection with new firewalls,
IPS and deep packet inspection devices.. I would appreciate information
on what are considered common practices.

How many companies have two serial firewalls from different vendors?

How many companies have an IPS/deep-packet-inspection device between the
firewall and the border router?

How many companies still use IDS?

How many companies have some form of deep packet inspection device in
front of their DMZ web servers? What do they use?

It seems like the added complexity and multiple devices will increase
management costs and may actually decrease security and reliability.
Our current design may be rather simple but in over 12 years we have had
less than a couple of hours of down time and have not had a detected
breakin to our internal network.

I would appreciate any comments.

Thank you,

Dave Kaas
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