Re: [fw-wiz] Netscreen firewalls

I'm working now almost 10 years with Netscreen Firewalls.

Yes, they have they little software bugs as every other piece of software,
but these bugs only show up if you do very complex installations with VPN
tunnels and OSPF and virtual firewalls.

They are simple to configure and maintain.

I know PIX, Checkpoint, Fortinet, Sonicwall and quite some others, but the
only one that comes close is Fortinet. This one has some advantages on the
content inspection side, like virus scanning, but if it comes to network
integration with dynamic routing and VPN than Netscreen is my preferred one.

PIX and Checkpoint are 5 years behind compared to Netscreen and Fortinet.

In the whole time I work with Netscreen, they had a few minor bugs security
wise, but none of rendered your firewall useless.

My full recommendation.

On 15.12.2006 18:43 Uhr, "Mike LeBlanc" <mlinfosec@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm looking for guidance on vulnerabilities/downsides to the Netscreen
firewalls. I am
not looking to start a flamefest on Netscreen but simply am looking for the
We currently are a cisco pix shop and have monitoring and change management
around cisco. I have done a google on Netscreen vulnerabilities and issues
didn't find much current data. Any information is appreciated in advance,
links to current data. Additionally if you have personal expereince,
positive or
negative, with Netscreen I would like to hear it.. off list if so desired.

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide,

Mike LeBlanc, CISSP
VP/Infosec officer for multinational bank

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