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This very well might be a problem with the VPN server at the client's office, or some hiccup at your location. You should pin-point that right away.

If your client's firm is using a PIX, some of the clients may be using the Cisco VPN client. Can you find out if they all use the MS built-in VPN client or if there is a mix?

It would also be good to know if they can:
1) ping their default gateway when everything is working fine
2) ping their default gateway when they lose the VPN/Internet connectivity
3) ping something on the Internet (say, when everything is working fine
4) ping something on the Internet when there is an outage


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I have a home grown network in my office for clients to
use.(Outside of my work network) The problem is that the amount of
persons using it is growing every time they come to my office for work
for about a month straight then leave for 6 months. All of them want to
connect back to their home office using the microsoft built in vpn
client. They also now use a Pix firewall which I have no knowledge of
but they do have a consultant who runs it for them. There are about ten

The dilemma I have is that about every 18 hours they all getting
booted out of their vpn and say they cant get onto the internet. It
lasts about 5 to ten minutes and about the time I get on the road to
come in to see whats wrong, they are back up and running again. They are
working night and day weekends too...

In my office I have a T1 going to a cisco router, to a linksys
router for nat and then to and hp switch then piped over to the port in
the room to netgear switchboxes at the conference room tables.

My network guys say the T1 is fine etc etc.. I cant really see
much of anything from the linksys. What should I be looking for to
uncover what is booting them out and back up again so quickly? I called
their tech guy to look at the firewall log and am waiting for feedback.

Thanks in advance



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