Re: [fw-wiz] Mis-attribution - Re: How automate firewall tests

At 03:40 PM 11/12/2006, Carson Gaspar wrote:
Chris Blask wrote:
Sorry for the re-opening of old threads, but I just noticed that
Marcus incorrectly flamed Crispin for my words, and I hate for
someone else to be slapped in my stead. I can' t find Crispin's
contact info, so someone please forward this to him with my
apologies for drawing fire in his direction.

FYI, I corrected Marcus privately immediately after he posted, and I
think he sent Crispin a "whoops" mail.

Since I don't believe that I can exist in the real world without
interacting with it, I'll save the hackers the energy and include
my personal information below. Now that that is out of the way, I can

I note that you didn't include anything equivalent to Marcus' SSN
(do Canadians even have such a thing?), which is the real drama with
the VA release.

521 90 8577 I'm a Yank.

Tell the world!



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