Re: [fw-wiz] bypassing PIX limitation

At 10:42 AM 11/11/2006, Marcus J. Ranum wrote:

Do you have any unused PIX that you can lend indefinitly? I don't
have any free and my budget os 0 :-(

I see one pix on Ebay for $115, with free shipping. And another "2 for $200"
deal. Maybe you can hold a bake sale or something.


That right there is a Good Thing: security is not just for the rich
elite, anymore. When I got into this business a "firewall" was a
service you paid $100K/year to DEC or ANS - for the privilege of not
understanding what the heck it was doing.

I bet if you stood on a street corner with a hat and a sign saying
"Need money for firewall"
you'd have enough in a day or 2.

Don't get me started. I had a crack-head panhandler arrested on
Monday for harassing the nice folks going into the McD's near our
office (and threatening to kill me for calling BS on him for it
;~). Mr. Deeds put it best: "As I assumed, he was a weakling and a coward."

-nuts to the bad guys!



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