Re: [fw-wiz] firewall-wizards Digest, Vol 7, Issue 4

Here is a simple access list for the inside interface of a PIX
Line 1 permits SMTP from your authorized mail server with out a log messages
Line 2 permits SMTP from any other system and will generate a log messages

Access-list inside-interface permit tcp mail-server any eq SMTP
Access-list inside-interface permit tcp any any eq SMTP log
Access-list inside-interface any any

Bill Tedeski

Anyway, what I'm looking to do, and what I need help with.... I want to
know if it's possible to log all outbound port 25 connection attempts,
EXCEPT those that come from our authorised MX's and mail servers. AND I
would like to be able to do this in addition to the normal logging that
takes place.

So, is it possible?
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